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5 reasons to do a post-summer juice cleanse

Change of season, means erm, change of habits, right? To help inspire your health kick and to look and feel better, it’s time to try a juice cleanse from Brighton based The Honest Juice Co

Feeling a little sluggish right now? Join the club. With the temperatures starting to dip, the nights drawing in and autumn in full colourful swing it’s no surprise the current mood is a little ‘meh’. And that’s before we admit to the hangover of a summer (well spent) sipping rose and indulging in gelato.

The solution? Reset your system, perk up your energy levels and put your body into peak alkaline state with a juice cleanse! And look no further than Hove-based business, The Honest Juice Co, who deliver cold pressed juices to your home in either a mini two-day cleanse or four-day option.

Here’s more reasons why there’s no time like the present to do an Honest Juice Co cleanse…

1 | You can make it work for you

If you’re new to juicing you don’t have to fully commit, The Honest Juice Co offer a two-day mini cleanse to introduce you not only to the programme but also to the benefits. Believe us, you’ll want to put in a repeat performance once you give it a go! For hardcore health-kickers, there’s the four-day option. You’re also in control of how many juices you have per day, with a signature cleanse option of five juices a day and the premium and rejuve plans which both include seven juices a day and all plans come with suggested times to enjoy each individual juice.  And the best bit: the juices will be delivered to your home, or workplace – that translates to zero hassle!

2 | Get all of your nutrients in one place

The Honest Juice Co’s USP is that they cold press their juices – they handpick every ingredient and, to keep things as fresh as humanly possible, they press and bottle every juice in record time – anything longer than 30minutes and the nutrient value diminishes so they ensure the juices are bottle as soon as they’re extracted. They also have a fancy schmancy cold-press BIO juicer process that doesn’t use a heat or oxidation process (as that kills up to 60% of the nutrients) so you can be confident you have every last drop – and squeeze – of goodness in your juices.

3 | Look better after a summer of indulgence

The suntan may be fading but your skin can get a longer-lasting glow after juicing. According to one study, citrus-based juices (such as the The Honest Juice Co’s Black Lemon and Carrot Press) may help preserve skin health by reducing oxidative stress, something that causes skin to age. Juicing can also enhance your vision – must be all the carrots – and as an additional bonus you’ll say farewell to bloating and are likely to witness some weight loss. And on the inside, the copious amounts of fruit and vegetables are incredible sources of phenolic compounds, which have antioxidant, immune-supporting and antibacterial properties. They can also help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as producing healthy gut bacteria.

Juice cleanses | The Honest Juice Co cleanse

4 | Quit your addiction to caffeine

Yes, really! A cleanse can help kickstart the end to any reliance on the likes of alcohol, caffeine and processed food. It’ll reset your system and habits to stop the yearning, many people on cleanses experience lots more energy first thing, so there’s zero need for that coffee first thing. A juice cleanse can educate your tastebuds and help with cravings, helping you to have a sharper sense of taste, enjoy a wider variety of foods after and crave all the right things.

5 | Enjoy having more energy 

Survive with less sunlight and the earlier evenings by boosting your energy levels up, up and beyond! A juice cleanse gives your digestive system a break so the energy it uses is dispersed elsewhere in the body meaning the other organs get more attention. Even though on a juice cleanse you take in fewer calories the body isn’t doing as much work with your digestion so that means it’s highly likely on a The Honest Juice Co cleanse you’ll also have surplus energy. That’s our kind of plan!

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