The Honest Juice Co story

It’s always a risk going into business with family! But when my sister Nicki and I lost our parents within six months of each other, it ended up bringing us closer than ever when Nicki moved down to Hove with her three children to be closer to me, my wife and our kids.

As time passed and the problems of the Covid19 pandemic unfolded, we both found ourselves out of work and decided to look for a small business to buy and work on together.

Having played tennis to a professional level, I myself once knew (and I emphasise the word ‘Once’!!) the importance of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

My wife Charlotte loves a juice cleanse, so with the thought of actually saving money, what better to look at purchasing than a juice cleansing business!? And this is where things started to fall into place…

Nicki and I had both invested in a fantastic beachfront bar/restaurant in Hove and had noticed a gap in the market for a healthy yet palatable Cold-Pressed juice on the menu.

We felt we had the opportunity to offer this to the hospitality sector.

Our next step was to start searching for the right business to buy. Having tested their cleanses and sat down with three potential sellers, it was a Sussex based online cold-pressed juice company we decided to pursue.

We loved the flavours and JuicyTox Sussex had hundreds of amazing genuine reviews online. But furthermore, we also loved the current owner, Rob. He was full of positive energy and clearly a great guy.

Unfortunately, Rob had fallen ill with Covid19 and found himself in hospital fighting for his life on a ventilator, forcing him to put his business up for sale.

Although Rob’s sole route to market was to deliver 2 and 4 day cleanses nationwide, he knew the possibilities were obvious to grow and encouraged us to do so.

We agreed on a fair price, bought the business in October 2021 and set about making it our own…

With a complete rebrand and JuicyTox receiving its very own Cleanse, The Honest Juice Co was born!

We started our training and began producing sample juices out of Nicki’s apartment. Now we have to be completely honest here, I’m in no way painting a picture of the start-up struggling out of the box bedroom with no windows! 

This was an open plan kitchen in a Grade 2 listed mansion block with sea views over Hove Lawns!! But still, it wasn’t ideal…

I’m glad to say that we’re now firmly based in our amazing HQ and Kitchen unit in Portslade.

Our aim is to provide you with the most nutritious, mineral packed Cold-Pressed juices on the market for you to incorporate into your everyday lifestyle.

We do this by not only offering our original 2 and 4 day cleanses but also by delivering Lifestyle Boxes, straight to your home, Office Boxes to your place of work to keep your colleagues energised and motivated.

And furthermore, by supplying cafés, bars and Restaurants, you’ll never need worry about limited access to your favourite flavours.

By keeping our recipes extremely simple in the way that we only use fresh, raw vegetables and fruits, our juices really do lend themselves to the whole family. Even our children love the Honest Beets Press (I mean, try getting them to actually EAT beetroot!!).

We thank you for reading and look forward to sharing the journey ahead. Follow us on Instagram @honestjuiceco for daily updates.